blue sky fundraising - helping you to help your charity
At blue sky fundraising, we know fundraising isn't just about money, it's about people.  That's why we have developed a range of effective but low cost services and training courses aimed at small and medium sized charities, to ensure you get the most out of your fundraising. 

Below are a few of our current courses. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
Corporate Fundraising - The Secrets.  
I once heard the head of a well known supermarket say "I'm not in the business of charity.  I'm in the business of selling baked beans.  So unless you can help me sell more baked beans, I'm not interested"  In this half day course we will look at how working with a charity can increase customer loyalty and increase sales for the company you are looking to work with.  We will cover:
  • Targeting suitable companies
  • Research companies efficiently
  • Methods of approach
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Matching corporate needs
  • What tools to use
  • How to develop a long term relationship with your corporate supporters
Asking Properly
What and how we speak to our supporters will make them decide if to write that all important cheque.  It’s one of our most important activities, yet so often done in a rush with little time allocated to it.  It is the way to ensuring our voice is heard.  Brand issues aren’t just for the “big boys” and this  half-day course is designed to look at the issues for small charities.  Giving a chance for you to understand how the mission and values of your organisation inform your brand, what constitutes this brand and ways of ensuring that your brand is maintained in all your marketing and communications activity.  
The course covers online and offline communication tools and will offer guidance on how to get the best out of the ever-evolving web. 
 The Training Event will cover: 
  • BrandIdentity 
  • Applyingyour Brand to your work 
  • Copywritingtechniques 
  • Gooddesign and layout 
  •  Websites, 
  • Digital and Online Media
Running Profitable Events
Running events can be the life blood for a charity, but it can also cost as much money as it raises.  This course looks at ways to minimise your risk, increase your profits and build supporter loyalty.  We will cover
  • What makes a successful event        
  • How to forecast and budget
  • Giving your supporters great value for their participation
  • Making the most of the media
  • Increasing event profitability         
  • Building volunteer support of fundraising
  • Improving your event design
Writing Creative Trust Applications and Bids

Do you put off writing your trust applications?  Did you know that most Trust applications go in the bin after the first paragraph is read?  Increase your chances of success in a few hours.  This course will give you the confidence and skills you need to enjoy your writing and increase your hit rate.  We will cover:
  • Research, Research, Research
  • Making suitable funding applications
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Making your time count
  • It's who you know
  • Outputs v's Outcomes
  • Building relationships
  • increase your success rate

Making the most of New Media and Social Networking Sites
Are you lost as to how to make the most of networking sites to help your fundraising?  You are not alone, and so we will look at ways to help you design a strategy to build supporter interest in your charity.  We will look at Facebook, LinkedIn amongst other sites and ways you can use them to improve your fundraising.  This will be a practical course which will give you the skills you need to develop
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