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Management Consultancy

Scaled and tailored to suit your charity, needs and budget, a fundraising review is an audit of the main factors impacting on your fundraising and results.  We can carry out:  an internal audit of
  • your charitable and financials goals, funding needs and fundraising resources
  • the skills, experience and performance of your fundraising team(s)
  • your income stream mix, fundraising activity and results
  • the relative return on your investment in various forms of fundraising
  • your forward aims, ambitions and options for fundraising
  • any fundraising strategy/planning you have undertaken 
and an external audit of the environment in which you are fundraising:
  • the ‘Economic’ Environment - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that impact your fundraising
  • the Competitive Environment - mapping your position in the funding marketplace with your ‘competitors’, and comparing their fundraising
  • the ‘Market’ Environment - key characteristics and trends in the sector, donors, channels etc.


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